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Children at 1d4Con

Question: Are children allowed to participate in games at 1d4Con?


  • We welcome all ages to attend 1d4Con and participate in our games. We have a rating system below to help you chose the best games for your children.
  • A child is defined as any person under the age of 18 years old. We have a Parental Consent Form (Fillable) that we require for all children attending our convention. We ask that they either arrive with the form already filled out or with a parent/guardian who can legally sign the form.
  • Children aged 10 years old or younger have free admission, but must remain under adult supervision, have the above Parental Consent form filled out, and have either have a filled out preregistration form, or an adult to fill it out on-site.



Question: Do you allow Costumes or Cosplay?


  • We welcome those who wish to dress up and wear costumes whether in or out of character; However, we are not responsible if you lose any of your things, if your costume gets torn or props damaged, or if anything gets stolen. Cosplay at your own risk.
  • We do not hold any kind of Cosplay contest. Though that might change in the future.


Gaming Rating System:

Question: What are the ratings and why have them?

Answer: Since children could come to our convention, we thought it would be best to give their parents an idea of what themes our games may contain. Also, we figured that everyone would like to know what they may be getting into.

  • Kids to Adults: This rating means that both kids (under 15 years old) and adults can enjoy the game. There may be mild violence or conflict and rarely a suggestion of adult-oriented themes and foul language.
  • Teen: This rating means that teenagers (15+ years old) of high school age can enjoy the themes of this games. There my be moderate violence and conflict along with some suggested adult themes and possibility for the use of foul language.
  • Adults Only: This rating means that violence and conflict may be heavily present and that only those who are 18+ years old should play. Especially since adult themes and foul language may be used a lot.


Gaming Slots:

Question: How are the days divided into slots at 1d4Con?

Answer: Since most Tabletop RPGs are written to run in 4 hours, we have broken our days into 4 hour slots. For your convenience, we have marked how long each games is estimated to run.

Other games like board games, miniatures games, LARPS, and otherwise will usually run outside of this convention and are marked as such.

Here are the main time slots that we use:

  • Friday – 2pm to 6pm & 7:30pm to 11:30pm
  • Saturday – 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 6pm & 7:30pm to 11:30pm
  • Sunday – 9am to 1pm & 2pm to 6pm


Game Submissions:

Question: How do I submit a game to run at 1d4Con?

Answer: When available, we provide an easy to fill out Game Submission Form to help you submit a game that you want to run.

Question: How do I submit multiple games for 1d4Con?

Answer: You will have to submit each game separately, using the Game Submission Form, when available. If you are wanting to organize a big event, please use the Contact Form instead.


Hotel & Venue:

Question: Where is 1d4Con 2016 being held?

Answer: 1d4Con is being held at the Comfort Inn Aikens Center, Martinsburg, WV

Click here for other hotel and booking information.


Obtaining a Press Pass:

Question: Are Press Passes available?

Answer: Yes, we do offer Press Passes which grant the holder 3-Day access to 1d4Con for free. To obtain a Press Pass, fill out Press Pass Application.


Registration & Preregistration

Question: How do I preregister for 1d4Con? Can I register at the door?

Answer: We have a Preregistration form that each attendee (adult and child) must fill out. Yes, we do offer registration at the door.

  1. Each attendee must preregister for the convention by filling out our Preregistration form. If this is successful, you will receive a copy of your submission to the email address that you provided in the form.
  2. As you complete the form and choose your badge type as well as any other options you need, your payment is auto-calculated by the form. Upon submission, you will be redirected to Paypal to make a secure payment at the amount calculated.
  3. Sample_Registration

  4. Then follow the steps below under the Signing up for Games section.

***Note – Each attendee (including children) must fill out the preregistration form separately.***


Signing up for Games

Question: How do I sign up for games at 1d4Con?

Answer: We use a separate scheduling service called Warhorn to allow attendees to sign up for games.

  1. First, follow the steps above in the Preregistration section.
  2. Then create an account with Warhorn. (We do not control user accounts on that website, but can create temporary accounts for children who don’t have email addresses of their own.)
  3. While logged into Warhorn, navigate over to our Warhorn Events page and register by clicking on the “Register for this Event” button.
  4. warhorn_reg

  5. Finally, when a staff members reviews everything and confirms that all steps have been processed successfully, you will be cleared to sign up for games.

***Note – Each attendee (including children) must create separate Warhorn accounts in order to sign up for games. If you need a temporary account for a child, please contact us.***


Vendor Questions:

Question: Does 1d4Con offer vendor space so that I may sale my wares?

Answer: Yes, we do offer space that is separate and secure from our main gaming area. If you would like to become a Vendor, please fill out our Vendor Registration form.

Question: Can I sale goods from my backpack at 1d4Con?

Answer: Only if you have filled out our Vendor Registration form and have opted out of a table.