Vendors Registered at 1d4Con 2016

We have one more one (1) table spots available. Below is a list of Vendors that will be selling their goods at 1d4Con 2016:

  • Aroc_gaming
    Aroc Gaming offers a variety of custom, high end gaming accessories such as dice bags, dice, gaming tokens, and custom game pieces.
  • imperiumscs
    Mór Games / Imperiums Campaign Setting publishes the Imperiums Campaign Setting series of Pathfinder compatible modules and setting guide. They also make available prints of some of the artwork from the setting.
  • rite-pub
    Rite Publishing is a tabletop RPG company that produces products for D&D 5e, 13th Age, Pathfinder RPG, Fate and their own Diceless Roleplaying Game.
  • WilliamsBooks
    Williams Books is mostly second-hand gaming books and used games, plus maybe some older miniatures and a few miscellaneous odds and ends of the sort that might appeal to gamers.
    P.S. They also accept checks. They’re old-fashioned that way. 🙂
  • yourhobbyplace
    Your Hobby Place carries a full line of collectible card games, board games, Roleplay and Miniatures. We also carry all of the accessories such as dice, dice bags and other gaming accessories.