In 2014, our second year, we decided to choose a charity and raise money for them because we wanted to make a difference in the community. Each year we try to choose a local charity that either operates in the area that we are located or where we hold the convention.

[The Current Charity]

In 2016, we have chosen to continue our support of The Red Wagon Ministry as our charity. The Red Wagon Ministry is located in Winchester, VA and helps low-income families by supplying them with diapers and wipes for toddlers and babies. By providing diapers and wipes, their hope is to decrease the chance of abuse and neglect resulting from a child remaining in a soiled or reused disposable diaper, as well as, increasing the positive health condition of the child. At 1d4Con, we know that children are the future and many will become gamers in time. We want to help them make that future a possibility.

[Past Charities]

2015The Red Wagon Ministry

2014Congregational Community Action Program (CCAP)

2013 – None…