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Are you looking to help out at 1d4Con?

Are you at least 18 years old and have some spare time on your hands, or maybe you just want to help 1d4Con become successful? Then please consider volunteering. We have many things to attend to and a limited staff to accomplish all of it. We’ll even compensate you for your time (See Perks Below).

There are many different ways that you can help us out:

  • Clean-Up Duty

    You would help to keep our area of the venue clean, empty trash cans, and make sure nothing is blocking the walkways. You may be tasked with going to the front desk if we need anything, such as water refill and other minor issues.

  • Game Mustering

    You would help people find games that need players, make sure GMs have things they need (game roster sheets and Games of Charity boon sheets), collect used Games of Charity tickets from GMs, and set out roster sheets for upcoming games.

  • Panel Help

    You would help the present Staff take registration info, pass out badges and tickets.

  • Registration

    You would help the panelists get set up and started and finish and clean up when their panel’s time is up.

  • Security

    You would help us make sure that only people who have purchased badges are in the gaming/vendor areas, make sure everyone has vacated rooms at set times, and assist in dealing with any unfortunate situations that may arise throughout the convention weekend.

  • Set Up/Take Down

    You would help with initial set up on Friday morning, set up each morning, close down registration at the end of the night, and pack things away at the end of Sunday. This may include rearrangement of tables chairs and other items.


How does volunteering work and what are the perks?

For every person who volunteers, we will give you:

  • Cookies (to be determined) by Alicia [Must give us at least 2 hours of volunteered time.]
  • A ticket for every 2 hours of time volunteered, to use in the Charity Auction.

The Volunteer form is now OPEN!