Sponsored Donations

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We always welcome businesses and individuals who want to donate items to our Auction, GM Prize packs, and/or Game Library!

We like to help promote those who Sponsor us where ever possible.

Last year, we had a great time when it came to handing out Sponsor donations. This year we want to do that again, but a little differently. Here’s how:

[Charity Auction]

In 2014, we held our very first Silent Auction and it went over pretty well. This year, we are holding another auction that is slightly different. We will have combinations of items in “lots” that will be auctioned off together. Each lot will have a sealed receptacle for tickets that can be purchased from the registration desk for $2 each. The auction will run from Friday at 2pm to Saturday at 7pm. Winners will be announced before the last time slot (8 PM) on Saturday and will be able to collect their winnings until Sunday at 5pm. All proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to our chosen charity, The Red Wagon Ministry.

[Game Library]

We are continuously adding games of all sorts to our game library. Each registered attendee is has the ability to borrow and play them from year to year.

[GM Prize Packs]

Want to help us give something back to our GMs? Items that can go to multiple GMs, such as special dice, miniatures, discount coupons for gaming items, etc are in need of. We are putting together a bunch of grab bags for our Registered GMs. Every bag will have a random assortment of goodies that have been donated by various sponsors.

***We will not accept donations at the convention, unless they were prearranged with the main staff.

Do you want to donate to our cause? Use the form below to contact us: