“Games of Charity” Charity Drive

In 2014, 1d4Con wanted to make a difference in the community, so we started this Charity Drive called Games of Charity. Here we are in 2015, doing it again…

[The Idea]

It is simple, all Attendees (including those who are GMs) may purchase tickets. These tickets will have a special 1d4Con stamp on them to denote authenticity to the event. Each person, may purchase as many tickets as they wish. They can then use those tickets in any games that identify themselves as part of the Games of Charity event, to gain special boons, such as re-rolls or bonuses to dice rolls. These tickets are not intended to break games, but to give you (the player) a slight advantage when needed or wanted.

All of the proceeds collected from this Charity Drive will be donated to our chosen charity.

[The Charity]

This year we have chosen The Red Wagon Ministry as our charity. The Red Wagon Ministry helps low-income families by supplying them with diapers and wipes for toddlers and babies. By providing diapers and wipes, their hope is to decrease the chance of abuse and neglect resulting from a child remaining in a soiled or reused disposable diaper, as well as, increasing the positive health condition of the child. At 1d4Con, we know that children are the future and many will become gamers in time. We want to help them make that future a possibility. View our Charities page to see past Charities.


These boons will be decided before the convention and will vary from game to game, some even allowing the DM/GM/ST to use these tickets as well. While you are not limited by the amount of tickets you can buy for this cause, you should be aware that each game will have different rules on what you can do with each ticket, when you can use tickets, and how many you can spend during a session. Please ask your participating GM about the ways in which you can use your tickets in their games and look for postings around the convention hall.

[Participating Games]

Which games are participating, you ask? Click here to find out.

[Other Charitable Opportunities]

We are also holding an Auction in the name of charity. We will have several items up for auction with a sealed boxes in front of each lot to place tickets in. Saturday night, the auction will close, tickets will be pulled and winners will be announced and able to pick up their winnings Sunday morning.


All tickets will be purchasable at the Registration table.

Ticket Costs:

  • “Game of Charity” tickets will cost $1 each.
  • “Auction” tickets will cost $2 each.

***NOTE – All charity tickets will only be purchasable on-site during the convention. We will only accept CASH payment.***