Past Sponsors

The people and organizations below have donated items to our cause at past 1d4Cons:

(In Alphabetical Order)

[1d4Con 2013]

  • The 1d4cast Podcast donated a special set of Shadowrun Dice, tote bag with 1d4Con logo, a translucent green dice set, D&D Fortune Cards Booster Packs, M:TG 2013 Booster Packs, a copy of the 1st issue of TSR’s new Gygax Magazine, a Deadlands Classic starter set, and a copy of the Champions Sourcebook: Arcane Adversaries.

  • Arc Dream Publishing donated a copy of Delta Green: Strange Authorities, a print copy of Godlike, a copy of “The Unspeakable Oath” magazine: Issue 21.

  • Theresa Ford donated and signed a 2 book set of fantasy novels that she wrote (Lawful Good Thief and Stealing Magic) and are available at her website.

  • Serdar Yegulalp / Genji Press donated 3 novels set in geek cultures: Summerworld, The Four-Day Weekend, and Tokyo Inferno.

  • David Hill has donated a several micro games as well as copies of Farewell to Fear, courtesy of Machine Age Productions

  • Four Color Fantasies of Winchester, VA donated a box full of assorted miniatures that we bagged up and handed out randomly to all of our GMs.

  • Lauren Kirkman has donated some jewelry on behalf of Red Paper Moon Creations

  • Steven Savage: Geek 2.0 donated 2 copies of Fan To Pro and 2 copies of Convention Career Connection.

  • Jay Moran donated a copy of HARP rpg and a copy of HARP Limited Edition (signed and numbered) on behalf of the Two Minute Timelord Podcast

[1d4Con 2014]

  • The 1d4cast Podcast donated the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition and the Marvel Heroic Roleplay Basic Core Book.

  • The 1d4Con Staff have donated 2 books from the Mecha RPG (Mecha Combiners and Mecha Mercenaries) as well as a brand new copy of Pandemic 2nd Edition.

  • Alderac Entertainment Group is sending us some games to give away.

  • Brent Newhall is donating a digital copy of his newest RPG, The Whispering Road to our door raffle.

  • Comic Kung Fu is sponsoring a prize kit for Star Wars: X-Wing.

  • David Havelka is donating a lot of games (RPGs: Burning Empires, D&D Gamma World RPG (4th ed. version), and D&D Gamma World Expansion Pack: Famine in Far-Go; Board/Card Games: A Castle for All Seasons, Dragonriders, Loch Ness, Roma, Street Illegal, Dragon Parade, Bad Babiez, and Oriente) to us.

  • Dragon Fire Comics is sponsoring a prize kit for Star Trek: Attack Wing as well as providing copies of the Leverage RPG (for use only), Shadowrun books, Mechwarrior 25th Anniversary Box Set, and Firefly Boardgame for Auction and Raffle.

  • Evil Hat Productions has donated a note that entitles the winner to select any one item from their online store for download up the price of $30.

  • Four Color Fantasies of Winchester has once again donated items to us. This year they have donated several RPG books (Forge: Out of Chaos RPG, Ironclaw RPG, Players Guide to Wizards, Bards, and Sorcerors (d20 3.5), Players Guide to Clerics and Druids (d20 3.5), The Players Guide to Monks and Paladins (d20 3.5), The Complete Book of Eldritch Might (d20 3.5) by Monte Cook, Monty Cook’s Arcana Unearthed (d20 3.5), Mummy: The Resurrection (Classic World of Darkness), EverQuest RPG: Players Handbook, EverQuest RPG: Monsters of Norrath, Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Ed. Gamemaster Guide, and Hellboy RPG) and some Magic: The Gathering (2014 Core Set & Born of the Gods) packs.

  • Looney Labs has donated two of their games to our raffle: Fluxx 4.0 and Seven Dragons

  • Margaret Weis Productions has donated a note that entitles the winner to a free digital download of the new Firefly RPG Core Book.

  • Marian McBrine, on behalf of GenCon LLC, is donating a full weekend pass for GenCon 2014 to our Silent Auction.

  • Michael and Michelle Shea are donating a a couple of RPG books to us and 2 sets of Dwarven Forge Tiles to our Silent Auction where the proceeds will go to CCAP.

  • Pelgrane Press has donated three $10 vouchers to use on items from their online store.

  • Pinnacle Entertainment Group has donated 20 coupons that allow the user to deduct $5 on items from their online store.

  • Privateer Press has donated special dice to give to players of the Iron Kingdom game and an Iron Kingdoms world map signed by the Privateer Press staff for auction.

  • The Rio Grande Games donated four of their games to our Game Library: El Caballero, Pinata, BOXCARS, and Renaissance Man.

  • Rite Publishing has donated a copy of Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Diceless), A copy of The Demolished Ones (Fate), In the Company of Monsters (PFRPG), and a copy of Adventure Quarterly #5 to our raffle and silent auction.

  • Steve Jackson Games has donated some bookmark sets, Munchkin Fu Core Game, and Good Bad Munchkin Core Game to our raffle and silent auction.

  • Steven Savage: Geek 2.0 has sponsored us for a second year by donating a printed copy of Convention Career Connection, Focused Fandom: Fanart, Fanartists, & Careers, and Cosplay Costuming and Careers to our raffle.

  • Stonemaier Games has donated their game, Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia, to our 2014 Play to Win Library

  • StoryWeaver donated several coupons for free product downloads from their Online Store as well as offering a link to our attendees to download High-Space Figure Set 1: Starter Kit (System: Savage Worlds) for free.

  • Your Hobby Place donated a copy of the Sparticus board game to our raffle.

[1d4Con 2015]

  • The Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) donated RPG and board games to be used for our Game Library and Charity Auction.

  • The Asmodee Games donated games to be used for our Game Library and Charity Auction.

  • Blackstone Entertainment, Inc. has donated vouchers for 5 free digital downloads of their products.

  • Cheap Ass Games has donated Captain Treasure Boots, Spy Game, Dead Money and Diceland: Deep White Sea.

  • David Havelka has graciously donated a ton of card games and board games to the 1d4Con Game Library!

  • Evil Hat Productions has donated a $35 prize pack voucher to receive ebooks from their online store.

  • Flying Buffalo Games has donated a bunch of poker cards left over from Origins, Tunnels & Trolls, and a Knights of the Dunner Table: Lost Worlds book.

  • The Gamewick Games donated RPG and board games to be used for our Game Library and Charity Auction.

  • Hero Games donated a several physical game books and dice to our Charity Auction.

  • Kenzer & Co. has donated a bunch of Knights of the Dinner table, Aces & Eights, and the Hacklopedia of Beasts supplements.

  • The Lone Wolf Development donated three copies of Realm Works to our Charity Auction.

  • Looney Labs has donated Fluxx, Pyramids, Are You The Traitor.

  • Magpie Games has donated copies of “The Play’s the Thing” and “Our Last Best Hope”.

  • Margaret Weis Productions donated a special Firefly bundle from DriveThruRPG to our GM Prize Packs.

  • Mini-Komix has donated several copies of their self-published comics.

  • The Pinnacle Entertainment Group donated discount vouchers to their online store.

  • Privateer Press donated a copy of their Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG corebook to our Charity Auction.

  • The Storyweaver Games donated vouchers for free pdfs from their online store to our GM Prize Packs.

  • Tanya Stevens has graciously donated several games (Doomtown Reloaded, New York Card Game, Duco, Architekton, Smash Up Expansion – Monster Smash, Miskatonic School for Girls, Miskatonic School for Girls: Holiday Break, and Romance of the Nine Empires) to the 1d4Con Charity Auction.

  • Your Hobby Place game store is donating Board Games and Card Games to our Charity Auction.